The Diocese of Ballarat and Child Protection

"The Catholic Diocese of Ballarat is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for people of all ages, with special concern for children, young people and vulnerable adults." (Diocesan Professional Standards Policy Statement, 2014)

In schools in the Diocese of Ballarat, child safety policy and practices support a proactive role in the care, wellbeing and protection of children and young people, the provision of child safe environments and intervention procedures for responding to abuse and neglect.

Diocese of Ballarat: Code of Conduct for Caring of Children 2015 (PDF)

Diocese of Ballarat: Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy 2015 (PDF)

BDSAC Child Protection Policy 2016 (PDF)

CEOB Interim VIT WWCC and NCHRC Guidelines Jan 2016 (PDF)